4 thoughts on “Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional

  1. Thought the review was very complete and points to a direction, with its general purpose functions across many documents, allowing for the interoperability across many applications. For the BIM and CADD industries Adobe needs not only the layer control but the ability to have the vector information snappable when placed within a CADD file or, the ability to hold its 3d within a BIM application. Then, many disciplines can exchange this information without the fear of liability issues with edited or conversion variances. Would hope that Adobes Acrobat becomes the defacto work flow tool to exchange and share the content created with multiple applications across multiple disciplines.

  2. Hi Stephen, Neither the host or the other participants need to install software to use Acrobat Connect. It works using Flash, which is already installed on most computers. – Lachmi

  3. For us who are teaching architecture, This is an Ideal progamme for presenting studio work in soft copies and progress of work can be easily traced and comment be given.

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