2 thoughts on “Bentley’s “BIM for Green Buildings” Executive Summit

  1. Lachmi
    Just wanted to say that I’ve come to rely on, and look forward to your articles.
    They provide a great, unbiased, review of the rapidly-evolving BIM world that is not only technically solid, but easy to read and also quite comprehensive.
    (You must log lots of air miles.) Thanks for providing this reliable, educational service for all of us in BIMspace.

    Michael LeFevre
    Holder Construction Company

  2. Really appreciate the overviews also, but BIM is not a wholly grail. Cultural shift and personal choices are not effected by BIM or even Sustainable Design intents.

    “This comes back to the same old “integration versus interoperability” question that the AEC industry has been grappling with, and at least in the area of sustainable design, we don’t seem to have any good case studies yet that can allow us to form a conclusive opinion about which approach is more effective.”

    Culturally the world, as can be seen via the internet can work best utilizing INTEROPERABILITY the other method of integration does not reflect the creative aspect of the culture of this industry. With Sustainable design impacted by many choices, from water quality to energy usage (how much energy do we really need, should be answered first, most of this is cultural choices), to equipment, lighting, structural logic in relation to material available locally, etc. cannot be programmed into One application of Suite of Applications.

    Analytical Tools that leverage the IFC standards directly will in the end be the most successful as you suggest. Before the advent of utilization of the computer hand drafting had been around for 100’s of years, yet in today’s society we come to expect the next big thing to only take weeks. This is clearly not going to happen, as cultural forces of this business will drive the change, and this business we are in is very slow to change.

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