Newforma Project Center

This review takes a detailed look at Newforma Project Center, a project information management and collaboration application targeted towards architecture and engineering firms, which organizes project information, facilitates information exchange, and streamlines project processes.


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  1. I am always interested in learning about new software in order to find better ways to work. We, however, are a small office (less than five) and it would be nice to easily see if such a program is first practical for a small office and second affordable. Without being able to evaluate the relevance, I’m inclined to leave such an article unread.


  2. I concur with Robert about this in one way but leaving such an article unread is suicidal. We are expecting to grow and catch up with technology.

    Could someone educate me …Doesn’t ORGANIZER in Adobe Acrobat have the same capabilities somehow?

    Keep it Up Lachmi, I admire you!

  3. Our experience to date suggests that a firm of 25 or more generates the volume of project related information that warrants Newforma Project Center to better organize and manage the firms operations. At this scale, the points of pain which the Newforma solution has been designed to address are always prevalent and are typically adversely impacting both efficiency and profitability. A firm of this size can easily justify the annual cost of Newforma based upon time saved using search, risks mitigated by managing project email correctly and from relying on Newforma Info Exchange to send, receive and automatically log transmittals rather than continue with the overheads associated with their FTP server and manual logging.

    For example, a 50 person firm could get started with Newforma for as little as $5,000 per year for “Express” functionality on all seats (by taking advantage of the current promotion which Newforma is running through the end of September 30th) plus one-time training and configuration costs (approx $4500) plus the cost of a dedicated server (approx $3,000 from Dell).

    Allen Preger
    Director of Product Management

  4. A quick response to Leka’s question about the Organizer in Adobe. This was a new tool introduced in version 7.0 (see my review at for finding and organizing PDF files only. It lets you quickly find PDF files on your local hard drive or those which you have recently viewed on your network and on the web. After the files are located, you can group them into your own defined collections (without physically re-locating them), so you can find them again much more easily. You can also perform various actions on multiple Adobe PDF files such as printing, emailing, sending for review, or combining, within the Organizer. Newforma Project Center provides these capabilities and many more at a much broader level with many different file types.

  5. I’m curious if you’ve reviewed Bentley’s ProjectWise software and if so, how its functionality compares to Newforma Project Center.

    Our firm is considering ProjectWise to do many of the same things Project Center does, but also to significantly improve network performance among our offices nationwide (with multiple servers).

    I always read your reviews, Lachmi, and find them very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Will Newforma release a version for MAC clients and servers,? for those of us that enjoy the stability of Apple products.

    If not, urge Newforma to move in that direction! The MAC+Architecture market is growing rapidly as BIM takes center stage.

    Also will they add more compatibility (plugin’s) for ArchiCAD?

  7. You can run the Newforma Project Center client on a Mac’s Virtual PC but will still need dedicated Windows Server 2003 operating systems to run the Newforma Project Center Server and Newforma Info Exchange server software.

    As for ArchiCAD-specific plugins, we don’t have anything planned at this time but do recognize the need for deeper integration with some of these tools in the future. However, we do support several BIM-specific workflows that are BIM-tool agnostic and deliver immediate project information management benefits to our customers today. If you have something specific in mind, we’re always ready to listen: Feel free to contact me directly in our San Rafael office.

    Jim Forester
    Chief Data Architect
    Newforma, Inc.

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