BIM Fundamentals Seminar for Structural Engineers

This article captures the highlights of a one-day BIM Fundamentals seminar specifically targeted towards structural engineers that was organized by ZweigWhite. It captures the experiences of several structural engineering firms that are implementing BIM, and also discusses legal issues and risks as well as collaboration between architects and engineers.


2 thoughts on “BIM Fundamentals Seminar for Structural Engineers

  1. With regards to BIM interoperability with CIS/2 and IFC, if you are interested in importing a CIS/2 file into a CAD package that only imports IFC files, then try the CIS/2 to IFC translator available by following the links at On this website there is also a lot of information about using CIS/2 and IFC for structural steel.

  2. My biggest current concern as an architect using 3d software is a seeming lack of understanding & resulting disregard for compatability & consistency as software is developed & the next upgrade is marketed…

    Library objects, materials & even pen weights & fills seem to be difficult if not impossible in many cases to carry forward – undermining the notion that, once the intensive process of creating a 3d model is finished, that it can be even reused one year later without checking every single bit that might have been modified by some inventive programmer looking to ‘improve’ something under the hood…

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