Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures is a BIM application for structural engineering that also includes comprehensive tools for detailers, fabricators, manufacturers, and constructors. This review takes a detailed look at the manifold capabilities of the application including structural modeling, linking to analysis tools, drawing production, detailing, and internal and external collaboration.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/review/2007/TeklaStructures.html

3 thoughts on “Tekla Structures

  1. Yet another very well written and well documented review, thank you!
    But I totally disagree with the last remark regarding interoperability. As an engineeer working with many different architects, we need interoperability throughout software. Linking Tekla to a specific architect software like ArchiCAD would limit posibilities working with all our other architects working in Revit and Bentley Arch.
    Interoperability based on IFC allows us to co-operate with all our architect partners and be able to improve our own process regardless of partners in a specific project.

  2. I completely agree with Niels Treldal. It is obvious to me that Tekla is a much more powerful and efficient BIM program than REVIT. As structural engineers we should not be forced to use an inferior product because it has a direct integration with the architects software. All BIM programs should be IFC certified.

    Another thing that caught my eye was that the largest Tekla model in practice was 25MB (over 1 million objects) when Revit models are typically around 200MB. What will happen when Revit develops the capability to model connections, the files will probably be close to 1GB.

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