AIA TAP 2007 Conference

This article captures the highlights of the recent AIA Technology in Architectural Practice conference that was held in Washington DC. It included plenary sessions on issues such as international practice and education, along with focused sessions on topics such as project and construction administration management, development and implementation of automated code checking in the US, digital project workflows enabled by new technology, and the dynamics and risks of open, technology-enhanced business models.


3 thoughts on “AIA TAP 2007 Conference

  1. Our firm uses Graphisoft GS Control scheduling software [now VICO] which works with GS Constructor to provide location-based flowline schedules generated by quantities determined in GS Estimator to produce 5D scheduling solutions.

    This is one project management solution that works with BIM and allows us to control the design, the cost and time

  2. Hello Lachmi,

    Was not able to attend this important conference. Thanks so much for the summary. Learned a new phrase: ‘disruptive technologies.’ What a good way to conceive of BIM. Like railroads, telephones and cars. That big.

    Thanks for helping make sense of these challenges. The AEC industry is where it all comes together. Your site continues to be a place to gather important information without hype or spin. What a relief to visit.

    Best regards,

  3. One point on SMARTcodes: there are two separate model checking applications being demonstrated at, the one you mentioned based on Solibri Model Checker, and the other – branded AEC3 XABIO – using EPM and Octaga technology. In the demonstration in November last year, these were joined by ePlanCheck from Singapore. This shows that the SMARTcodes are themselves truely interoperable, not just the IFC BIMs on which they are tested.

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