Managing Submittals at LMN Architects: Before Newforma Project Center and After

This article by Tim Rice and Art Haug of LMN Architects, a 100-person firm in Seattle, illustrates how their deployment of Newforma Project Center has simplified the process of tracking and submittals during that all-important construction phase of a project.


4 thoughts on “Managing Submittals at LMN Architects: Before Newforma Project Center and After

  1. How well do you feel this particular program would perform in a small (3-8) office versus a program like ArchiOffice?

  2. While there is plenty in Newforma Project Center for smaller firms to take advantage of, it is a bit hard for me to imagine scaling the product as it is currently offered down to a firm the size you are suggesting. Perhaps this is something the folks at NF could consider: a version of their product geared to firms under 20.

  3. Does Newforma allow the user to discriminate between action submittals requiring a response from the design professional and informational submittals that are logged and reviewed but then filed without response if they are acceptable (per AIA A201 and MASTERSPEC)?

    Will Newforma be updated to also indicate the several more detailed categories of submittals in the soon-to-be-updated CSI SectionFormat: including Closeout Submittals and Maintenance Material Submittals?

  4. To answer your first question, yes, Newforma Project Center does allow the user to discriminate between ‘action’ submittals and those that require no response. This is done when the submittal is initially received and logged in Newforma.

    With regards to the second question, Newforma does not currently provide a specific mechanism to distinguish Closeout and Maintenance Material submittals. However, in Newforma’s upcoming Fifth Edition product, Keyword fields that allow users to tag items by selecting from a list of pre-defined values have been added throughout. For submittals, Newforma will provide defaults like Pre-Construction, Construction, Closeout, Maintenance, and others, but since this list is fully cusomizable, companies will be able to use this any way they choose to sort, filter and report on submittals.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or suggestions.

    Allen Preger
    Director of Product Management

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