The New “Must Have”—The BIM Manager

In this Viewpoint article, Dominic Gallello, CEO of Graphisoft, discusses the new professional role that is emerging in the AEC industry, the “BIM Manager.” He argues that the BIM Manager is not just a nice-to-have but rather a fundamental member of a model-based design process, and discusses various aspects of this role, including the need for non-linear thinking, multi-disciplinary thinking, and other qualifications.


5 thoughts on “The New “Must Have”—The BIM Manager

  1. Your Article is interesting, however I have been doing this for 42 years. The Cad or Bim programs are another tool, but do not replace the design concept process with paper and pencil, and never will. it is just another tool. I’ve been practicing for 46 years.

    The stuff with a few exceptions being done in architecture is in my opinion a managerie of junk by the copyists.

    Don’t get me wrong, the schools of architecture are the beginning of the new concepts and they must teach and give the talented student the tools,
    and flunk out the students that use the mechanical tools to survive.

    Good Luck!

  2. I think the missing portion of this article is the data. Based on what was in this article, a CAD manager is certainly capable of making the transition to the role of BIM manager. Most of them understand more than just layer management, and can take those skills to BIM and alter what they manage. CAD managers are often multi-discipline already. Many of them must manage full service firms and often they change firms between Architecture and Structural MEP.

    So while I agree that a BIM manager is more than a nice to have, their skills must also include:
    1. Database creation and maintenance
    2. Data structure and queries
    3. Data quality control and verification

    A true BIM manger will be able to setup systems for a firm to have users get performance data from their BIM without the knowledge of Visual Basic or SQL. All of these things will happen behind the scenes and the users will click a link on a web page and their model will be analyzed.

    This is truly the role of a BIM manger.

    BTW if they use ArchiCad they will still need to manage layers, so maybe a CAD manager would adapt well.

  3. This article is an excellent discussion of why a BIM mananger is needed and the important role that he or she plays in guiding and coordinating the use of the model by the design team. However, the article does ignore the role of others that use their model and participate in its development during the later design phases: the engineers, contractor, fabricators and subs. In addition, the owner may want to use the “as built” model for facility management after the construction is completed. The model becomes the basis for data exchange or is supported a model server that all members of the team can share with adequate controls over who controls what classes of objects. The BIM manager needs to understand the needs of the entire team and ensure that that these various uses of the model can be coordinated. This is a non linear work flow and involves a deep understanding of the technology used by BIM creation and use tools and how these tools support the requirements of the team members. Thus, a BIM manager needs to be experienced and technically savvy. This is not an easy person to find nor train, which means that consultants will be needed for quite some time.

  4. I have met Dominic. He intimately understands the needs of the building industry As head of Graphisoft, he gets a world view into this new method of document delivery.

    What concerns me in the world of BIM are the many “experts” who have never been associated with delivery or construction from a virtual building document set. An architect or contractor whose business is mini warehouse design and construction or retail finish-out rarely experiences a need for the solution a complicated building design can bring.

    It would do us well to cheer these innovators on. This article is simply telling a mid size to large size firm how to keep from bleeding excessively.

    By the way, Graphisoft continues to be the world leader in BIM innovation technology. Like Apple they just keep making the right moves. If you are considering this methodology of document delivery, it would serve you well to visit with a Graphisoft rep. 90% of their reps practice architecture and have been doing it a long time.

  5. Thanks for “The New Must Have…” on AECBytes.

    Many companies still struggle with the concept of a “CAD Manager”! BIM brings a whole new level of opportunity and management requirements. I think the challenge of migrating process is greater than that of migrating data. With that comes the change in management you so clearly expressed.

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