Digital Transformation of the AEC Industry: An Innovation Perspective

Co-authored by a team of academics including Youngjin Yoo of Temple University and Richard J. Boland and Kalle Lyytinen of Case Western Reserve University, this article describes their NSF sponsored research on several major projects by Frank Gehry in which his firm used CATIA to model the complex geometry of their buildings and how that has influenced the way he works with owners, contractors, subcontractors, engineers and fabricators. It also includes a call for AEC firms to participate in their follow-up study, which is also being funded by the NSF, to track the broader set of information technologies that are increasingly used in AEC projects and to identify their consequences.


One thought on “Digital Transformation of the AEC Industry: An Innovation Perspective

  1. if you are truly interested in an honest history of the use of “BIM” tools at Gehry’s practice from 1991 until 2002, the only man to speak to is Rick Smith, the man who brought CATIA to Frank’s practice and with much patience and, despite strong resistance by Gehry and his firm, brought them technology and process that transformed his practice. Unfortunately, they rewrite history now, for their own commercial ends, so that not many know the truth. It is an interesting story and one you can hear by contacting him at 949.690.0058

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