Revit Architecture 2009

This review explores the improvements in the latest release of Autodesk’s BIM application for architectural design, including the new mental ray rendering engine, expanded library of predefined materials, new navigation tools, color fills in sections, macros that users can write to access the Revit API, and many others.


3 thoughts on “Revit Architecture 2009

  1. I have been using Revit as well as ACAD and some other BIM and AEC software and I have to say that I do not completely agree with these two statements:

    “new navigation tools make it easier to view the model from any desired angle”

    I do not understand the hype and excitement with this. First, the tools are not new, they just have a more fashionable icon. If you remember the old ACAD, version 10 already had a “tripod” tool that allowed us to rotate the 3D model. And we have had predefined views in ACAD since the very begining (top, left, right…etc.). Therefore, I think it is just a new “face” for an ever existing tool.

    “continues to remain very intuitive and easy to use.”

    I respectfully disagree with this statement. Is very intuitive an interface that relies on “Excel spreedsheet style” dialog boxes? Even some “cheaper” consumer solutions like software from Punch and Chief Architect have a more intuitive interface design. Is very intuitive when you have to scroll down a long dropdown list and read the sometime cryptic descriptions just to place a metal door or a single hung window?

    These are just a couple of comments. We got the 2009 version installed last week and I haven’t had too much time to use it yet, but from what I saw at the Autodesk Experience Tour, I’m not too thrilled.



  2. I have not tried 2009 yet, but one feature I am looking forward to that was not mentioned here are the enhancements to the View Templates. It is now possible when setting up a view template to not modify certain parameters – e.g. one can set up the view template to change the Visibility Graphics of views but not change the view range.

    Also, I have heard that there are posts on AUGI that say that the performance of Revit 2009 has slowed, but I have not found reliable corroboration of this. Has anyone heard about this?

    John Powell
    Design Technology Manager, Cetra/Ruddy Inc.

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