AIA TAP 2008 Conference

This article captures the highlights of the AIA TAP 2008 conference that was held as a pre-convention workshop to the AIA National Convention and Expo last month. It covers sessions related to the new concept of building information networks, BIM and sustainable design, guidelines for energy modeling from an environmental design firm, and a look at how one firm has formalized its use of BIM into a business strategy by drawing up a BIM map.


One thought on “AIA TAP 2008 Conference

  1. Very interesting topic. It seems that architects or design professionals would have to separate the 3 or 4 levels within the design organization. Or be responsible only on specific levels, while the remaining levels are handled by outside contractors specialized in that particular level of BIM. But where does the Design Professional fit in within the specialized level to generate thematic results? Legal ramifications also abound in the process.

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