DProfiler: A “Macro” BIM Solution

This review takes a detailed look at the capabilities of DProfiler, a new “macro” BIM software targeted towards the planning and conceptual design phase to get an accurate cost estimate of a proposed design, and explores how it compares with more common BIM applications such as Revit, Bentley, and ArchiCAD.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/review/2008/DProfiler.html

2 thoughts on “DProfiler: A “Macro” BIM Solution

  1. I have seen the proper use of DProfiler. It is a highly developed tool for the purpose of identifying initial cost analysis and project feasibility in a minimal amount of time with minimal cost. Many projects simply should not be built. DProfiler’s job is to identify thumbs up or thumbs down without wasting valuable resources for dead-end projects. On the thumbs up side, DProfiler identifies the worthy projects through initial cost analysis and proformas where additional resources can confidently be applied for further project development.

  2. DProfiler is a powerful tool when it comes to energy modeling and cost estimation. However, I find it difficult to use simply because it creates an additional process.
    To draw a model in DProfiler for conceptual design and then redraw the same design in CAD software is not something that I would not like to do in my project.

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