Organizing the Development of a Building Information Model

This article provides an overview of the Model Progression Specification (MPS) for BIM that is being developed for the AIA National Documents’ new E202, a document which formalizes the processes for development and use of BIMs for a specific project. It arises from the need to define a BIM’s precision and suitability for specific uses, given that representations of building elements in a BIM are exact, whether they’re intended to be or not, and it is possible to use a BIM for many purposes.


One thought on “Organizing the Development of a Building Information Model

  1. This is a great document. However, it should be looked at to see how it can be integrated into, or used with the NBIMS I-CMM tool as well. Because both deal with the LOD issue, but from a slightly different but equally important perspective. It would appear that the MPS stops at the occupancy phase while the I-CMM scores items intended for the entire life-cycle of the building model. As such, it is more coarse to the design phase and I think the MPS works better there. It would be great to see some alignment there.

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