ArchiCAD 12

This review explores the speed, design, and documentation enhancements in the new version of ArchiCAD, including multi-processor support, new Curtain Wall tool, the ability to use the model to create 3D documentation, partial structure display, better visualization of hotlinked modules, new options for modeling stairs, improved fills for 2D presentation drawings, DWG conversion, and improved dimensioning.


2 thoughts on “ArchiCAD 12

  1. I think your review sums it up pretty accurately. Some minor remarks (and criticism on ArchiCAD itself):
    — while editing the Curtain wall, there is an option to display the rest of the project (toggle the “eye” before environment)

    — the editing of the Curtain wall only happens in the 3D Window. This is problematic, since it differs from all other regular design entities in ArchiCAD. You lack the guidelines while drawing and can not snap to the grid or to 2D lines and drafting annotations. Luckily, the Tracker is still available. Where this is particularly problematic is when you want to edit the original reference line or polyline. You DRAW it in 2D to create the Curtain wall, but you can only edit it in the 3D Window, lacking all that was said before. I do hope that GS can solve it for ArchiCAD 13. I will insist with them, if I have the chance 😉

    — The 3D Document Window is really welcomed, but it is only an additional view type. It is not usable for walking around and the regular 3D Window has not changed (e.g. you can not display composite structures, section hatches and dimensions in the 3D Window, only in the 3D Document Window).

    — All the speed enhancements are only really felt with multi-core CPU’s.

    — Many of the previous issues (such as the lack of intersection solving between composite walls and composite floors) are still there and not being solved.

    — And finally, like you said, the application, which was hugely streamlined in version 10, is still much more complicated then it was a few years ago. The insertion of all these new features have not retained the well-structured and almost minimalist approach to user interface.

  2. As a builder and a 3d model purist, I have now worked with Archicad 12 for several weeks (I began using Archicad in 2003). I am most pleased with two improvements; increased speed and 3d Documentation. I fully agree with Dr. Khemlani’s view of the “Pros” for Archicad 12. However, regarding the “Cons”, I have personally never had any problems, what-so-ever, with the integration of my Structure and my MEP in my use of Archicad modeling and collision detection. As to Dr. Khemlani’s other annual concern, I find that Archicad’s lack of constraints is actually one of Archicad’s greatest strengths. I personally do not want ANY software to control (or even suggest) how I model a project. Archicad’s lack of constraints is a major BENEFIT since precious processor resources are dedicated to modeling and design and not wasted on calculating a myriad of constraints. I am a 3d purist (I have NO, Zero, Nada, 2d geometry in any of my planwork). In my daily requirements as a builder, and with my justified fear of fatal plan errors, 2d information only serves to confuse the empirical 3d information generated directly from the 3d model. Archicad 12 continues (only more efficiently with R12) what I have experienced since Release 8.1, in producing perfect design and construction documents using only 3d generated geometry.

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