VisionREZ 6

This review explores the new features and enhancements in VisionREZ, a BIM application customized for residential design that is available as a stand-alone product or as a plug-in for AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP. These include tools for quickly modeling roofs, framing, trim, and other details specific to residential design, an extensive set of content libraries, the ability to generate detailed bill of materials in many different formats,and DWF interoperability with other design and engineering applications.


2 thoughts on “VisionREZ 6

  1. How does VisionREZ compares to Chief Architect?… Chief architect seems as powerful as VisionREZ but easier to use.

  2. Good question. Chief Architect is not nearly as powerful as VisionREZ but it probably has an edge on ease of use. We pick up a lot of Chief Architect customers who comment they have “hit the ceiling” especially as related to customization, documentation ,and a fully functional BIM platform. I am not a Chief Architect user so I can’t speak for all features but there are core differences that give VisionREZ an edge for select users. The primary fact is that it is built on the industry standard AutoCAD engine that has been further enhanced with AutoCAD Architecture. VisionREZ then leverages the Autodesk development to focus it on specific residential needs. In short, we look for ways to create the model and construction documents faster, better, and with more detail. Also, VisionREZ can further extend its 3D models to other industry solutions such as hsbCAD (structural wood and steel framing), Intellibuild (wall panel development), and View (wall panel and roof truss development). The engineered data can then be returned to the original DWG file format VisionREZ created so all build data is located in a Single File Format.

    In addition you can access numerous other benfits of the VisionREZ model through the Autodesk DWF file format (and associated Design Review viewer) and Autodesk Navisworks for greater visualization, evaluation, and clash detection.

    In short, Chief Architect is a great solution for many people. However, VisionREZ is a better fit for those that need to address greater detailing requirements, 3D modeling, framing, bill of materials, and links to engineering solutions. So you get more power and solutions for about the same price, if not less, than comparable Chief Architect versions.


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