Bentley’s Launch Event Unveiling the V8i Software Portfolio

This article provides an overview of Bentley’s new V8i software portfolio, which includes improvements such as easier conceptual design modeling, integration of GenerativeComponents, interactive dynamic views, accurate geo-coordination capability, caching and delta file transfer that greatly improve speed and performance, a new interoperability platform, integrated printing, and a new Luxology rendering engine that allows high-quality visualizations.


3 thoughts on “Bentley’s Launch Event Unveiling the V8i Software Portfolio

  1. In very general terms, how do Bentley & Autodesk products compare now? Does V8i mean Microstation has functionality that AutoCAD does not? Or vice-versa? What is Adesk’s equivalent to Generative Components, for example?

  2. I actually haven’t reviewed AutoCAD or MicroStation for a while now, preferring to focus on their respective BIM applications, and you can see the reviews of both Revit and Bentley BIM on AECbytes. I doubt, though, that the enhancements in V8i would entice an AutoCAD user to switch to MicroStation. However, they do make the Bentley platform more attractive for BIM in general, provided they have succeeded in making the Bentley solutions easier to use, as I pointed out in the conclusions of my article.

    Autodesk doesn’t yet have the equivalent of GenerativeComponents, but they did succeed in hiring Dr. Robert Aish, who came up with GenerativeComponents, away from Bentley, so it’s possible we might see something similar in Autodesk solutions in a year or two.

  3. So far, everything in AutoCAD has been stolen from some other CAD application, why not steal GenerativeComponents?

    You’d think the programmers at Autodesk could have an original thought. I find it interesting that Microsoft is constantly berated for coping ideas, but Autodesk is always praised for doing the same thing.

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