Collaboration, Project Management, and Project Information Management Solutions in AEC

This article provides an overview of three AEC-specific solutions for collaboration, project management, and project information management that are needed in addition to BIM for integrated project delivery: the server-based Newforma Project Center, the web-based Attolist, and the SharePoint-based Organice.


3 thoughts on “Collaboration, Project Management, and Project Information Management Solutions in AEC

  1. Interesting article. Our company is one of the dot bomb survivors you referred to in the article having launched in October 2000. We have closely followed the development of BIM and its potential impact on the industry.

    There is no doubt that the trend towards better use of digital information is growing but there is still an overwhelming 2D mentality across the entire industry. As an example, one of our clients does primarily design-build projects. They are a substantial firm with lots of technology. They still print every page of information that moves from their design team to the construction team. The construction team then uses our applications to distribute the information digitally to their subs and suppliers. Incomprehesible.

    We were one of the very first to adopt the SaaS model and to date have hosted in excess of 100,000 projects on our systems. There is no doubt that the companies you reviewed and many others like ourselves can offer sophisticated solutions with great value propositions. The critical element will be balancing functionality with ease of implementation and use. Until the market is ready to accept these new technologies there will be more battle scars to be worn by the companies leading these new innovations.

  2. We tested some of the different (low budget) collaboration software available, among others, Basecamp from 37signals. It’s a great piece of software, great functions, and easy to use. But it has one major problem, the lack of the ability to set which users have access to which files/messages/milestones. You can only hide them from none or all outside your firm!

    BTW, it’s quite frustrating that someone uses PIM for “project information modeling”. The “three letter acronym” PIM has been used for “product information modeling” for some years now!

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