Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project

IPD or “integrated project delivery” is fast becoming the newest buzzword in the AEC industry after BIM, which has moved on from dominating the industry discourse for the last five years to becoming almost as commonplace as the term CAD. While IPD is still more of a goal than a reality for most of the AEC industry, there are a few ground-breaking projects that are already using this new collaboration and delivery method. This case study explores one such project, the Sutter Medical Center in Castro Valley, California.


2 thoughts on “Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project

  1. Great article.

    Our firm uses Revit and would love to work with other consultants in a truly IPD-type process, but our problem is that almost none of our engineering consultants have embraced any kind of BIM technology.

    The outcome of this (and any other) IPD process should come as absolutely no surprise — a lot of the fancy verbiage associated with IPD is really just common sense improvements to the design process.

    What is less obvious to people wishing to get into IPD are all the technological tools and processes required for creating and coordinating the 3D building data all the disciplines need to use. Working in AEC design is a complicated job; and now people need to learn complex software tools to facilitate IPD. Our local engineering colleagues need to start learning these tools. Now!

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