Solibri Model Checker

This review explores how Solibri Model Checker is used to analyze BIM models saved in IFC format for potential problems, conflicts, and design code violations on the basis of rules organized in rule sets. This can be used to ensure the integrity of a BIM model for use in other design and analysis tools, and also provides the foundation for developing automated code-checking and other advanced applications.


One thought on “Solibri Model Checker

  1. Of course in the world we would like to see, the only format really needed would be IFC. Then so many of the industries resources would not be wasted on connecting products using propriatary formats as interoperability would solved. So this should not really be seen as a con, it should be seen as these are some of the few folks that have actually gotten it right. Therefore, they can put their resources on developing a strong tool for ALL to use. Excellent review as always Lachmi.

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