Sustainable Design Tools Exhibited at AIA 2009

The area of sustainable design tools showed a lot of momentum at this year’s AIA Expo with the introduction of several new products. This article provides an overview of these tools, including Graphisoft’s new EcoDesigner, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis, IES’s VE-Gaia, Bentley’s Hevacomp and Tas applications, and a new tool called DesignBuilder, which uses the EnergyPlus simulation engine.


3 thoughts on “Sustainable Design Tools Exhibited at AIA 2009

  1. Now that there are a number of energy evaluation tools, is there a way that their results can be compared for a given building at a given location? It would be useful to have some way to compare their results to each other and to measurements taken from an actual building. Is this type of analysis done by any government agencies?

  2. To my knowledge, such a comparison has not been done. But I agree that it would be a very useful and informative exercise. It could even be undertaken as a research project at a university.

  3. I think your conclusion in this piece is very apt. Reading some of the product details makes me think these are ‘rose tinted’ views on the current state of affairs in BIM and energy analysis. Certainly we’ve seen our fair share of ‘garbage’ gbXML files which, if used without checking, would certainly lead to ‘garbage’ results. On a positive note, many applications have been seriously improved lately and with the formation of the gbXML advisory board, I hope we’ll see further improvements for the industry generally.

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