Model Based Estimating to Inform Target Value Design

The use of Target Value Design (TVD) or Target Costing is one of the focus areas of the application of Lean Construction methods to large healthcare projects. In this article, a team from DPR Construction discusses the lessons currently being learned in applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, such as model-based estimating, for TVD on a large healthcare project in Northern California.


2 thoughts on “Model Based Estimating to Inform Target Value Design

  1. I am not sure who researched Vico but the facts as represented are not correct. Vico is platform neutral, it can take Revit models, Archicad models, Tekla models, and soon IFC, CadDuct, CadPipe, DWG.

    Not only does Vico Office offer comprehensive estimating capability but also Target Value Design, cost planning, cost tracking, earned value analysis.

    In addition you can generate your project schedule from Vico Office and shortly you will be able to perform all clash detection requirements.

    Not sure why we got over-looked but now you know – give us a call next time!


  2. It is encouraging to see professionals pursue improvement and innovative ways to use technology. Keep up the good work.

    You may be interested in considering a new concept that takes BIM from the geometric or form-based modeling to function-based modeling. The actual estimate (statistical based prediction of the standard) is based on the project’s function, scope, performance and constraints — and then designed accordingly. The Peformance Building Institute is proposing this as part of a larger movement from the industrial-era to the building performance paradigm. The whole project is described at You are invited to check it out.


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