Bentley Architecture V8i

This review explores the improvements in the new V8i version of Bentley Architecture, including its new conceptual design and space planning capabilities, dynamic views that ensure better drawing coordination, new display styles that allow high-quality presentation graphics to be easily created, native support of Rhino and SketchUp files with live links, and the new Luxology rendering engine that allows high-end renderings and animations to be created within the application.


3 thoughts on “Bentley Architecture V8i

  1. Very well put

    “On the flip side, I found that the improvements in the V8i version have done little to reduce the complexity of the application, and it still remains as daunting as ever to learn and use. In fact, the addition of new tools and features continues to simply add to the complexity, to the vast number of dialogs, options, and settings that must be understood before any real progress can be made with the application. What makes the learning process even more difficult is the poor quality of the documentation. A QuickStart Guide is available, but it covers only very basic aspects of the program. It does not provide guidance on how to set up and structure a project across multiple files, how to create multiple levels, and so on. It is also difficult get a good understanding of the new features in Bentley Architecture V8i without delving deep into the documentation of MicroStation V8i.”
    Couldn’t agree more

  2. I agree completely with your commentes regarding the confusing complexity of this product. I purchased Bentley Architecture in December 2009 and have been thoroughly disgusted with the software. They advertise it as being “intuitive” and nothing could be further from the truth. It is a thoroughly confusing muddle and, what makes this even worse, is that no documentation whatsoever is provided with it. Their response to my complaints about this is that “…you can use the help file and quick start quides…” and these are pathetic. They explain absolutely nothing on the conceptual level – as you mentioned. For example, how do you go about setting up and organizing a project and why do you do things in a certain way. The very few on-line resources are also absolutely pathetic and show grossly over-simplified examples that do not reflect real-world construction. I have been using MicroStation since 1993 and long gone are the days when Bentley provided good manuals and documentation. IMO this is a deliberate omission intended to force users into buying training and thus generating even more income for Bentley. They claim that this software is used by 80% of the biggest AE firms in the world & I find that hard to believe. I have been a long time Bentley user and have had my software on their “select” subscription all these years, paying them a lot of money for it – and I am very unhappy, almost to the point of trying something else and possibly scrapping Bentley completely.

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