Autodesk AEC Technology Day

Earlier this month, Autodesk hosted an AEC Technology Day in its Waltham, MA headquarters for selected media professionals and analysts to provide a detailed overview of its 2011 AEC Solutions portfolio. The event also included two customer presentations, providing the opportunity to learn more about the use of various Autodesk solutions in practice. The highlights of this AEC Technology Day—the first ever planned by Autodesk—are captured in this AECbytes Building the Future article.


One thought on “Autodesk AEC Technology Day

  1. In the AEC Technology Day article, mention is made that ‘Navisworks would actually be a terrific platform on which to build an FM application’ and had mentioned this to Autodesk. It is surprising that Autodesk didn’t put you on to a company based in the UK that developed a product known as ARTRA a number of years ago using the Navisworks platform (before Autodesk took them over). The company mainly worked in the Petrochem industry but have moved into the construction environment and are involved in the Royal London Hospital project, which I believe AECbytes has previously reviewed, as it has won some awards for its use of cutting edge AEC technology. Maybe you should contact Peter Moyes ( or visit their website for more on this.

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