IDEA (IntelliCAD-Based Architectural BIM)

This review explores the range and capabilities of 4M’s IntelliCAD-based IDEA application for architectural design and looks at how it differs from industry-leading BIM applications. Developed by 4M Solutions, one of the leading members of the ITC (IntelliCAD Technology Consortium), IDEA is part of 4M’s multi-disciplinary suite of BIM applications.


3 thoughts on “IDEA (IntelliCAD-Based Architectural BIM)

  1. Good day!
    I had a good read of this article and its good to see that BIM is becoming more important. The idea of having an affordable solution is also enticing, in fact GRAPHISOFT´s ArchiCAD is also available at AutoCAD Light prices. It is the best the entry level solution to tne BIM world without hold backs for single users.

    It is good to see competition.



  2. Dear all,

    I must say I am impressed by the quality of this article. We live now in a world where most journalists simply broadcast press releases and it is good to see that people like Lachmi continue to provide such quality content.

    I take the opportunity of this message to announce that IDEA shall offer IFC support before the end of the year.

    Furthermore, I would like to point out that in addition to IDEA’s photo-realistic rendering features, users can also use Artlantis – the famous stand-alone 3D rendering solution – to get the most advanced quality for their renderings and walk-through videos.

    Finally, I would like to thank Andrew for his kind message. Indeed ArchiCAD offers a light version (at least in the US) but it is still much more expensive than IDEA and limitations include not being able to export to DWG and no rendering.

    IDEA’s positioning is different : IDEA uses DWG as its native file format and aims to provide the best and easiest BIM experience in 2D and 3D for users willing to keep the highest compatibility with AutoCAD’s DWG format.

    Last but not least, IDEA offers a smooth migration from the CAD world with its AutoCAD-like environment for the flat price of 1500 USD.

    Kind regards,

    Cedric Desbordes
    4M SA

  3. Good day to all,

    It is pleasure to see a well balanced article on IDEA, upcoming BIM tool. It is also good to know that IDEA is going to be ready with IFC export which can complete major definition of BuildingSmart initiative to keep an eye on software vendor control on design process.

    I know many firms and users who bought Revit / ArchiCAD in India when it was offered at a throw-away price — in fact lesser than AutoCAD LT prices compared with US market.

    IDEA is a product that has a very less curve in learning, adopting and implementability in a office or a specific project. So we at Samhita see that IDEA is being used by architects rather keeping it on shelf. An owner of IDEA can be proud to be a legal user of a software as well produce almost everything needed for client satisfaction — either a basic floor plan or a decent rendering.

    Overall, I see IDEA as a simple, straight forward intelligent application for architects, with no hidden or complicated ROI formulae needed to make a decision to use it.

    Kind regards,
    Bhanu Gejjala
    Consulting Architect / BIM specialist

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