Revit Technology Conference 2010

This article provides a detailed overview of the recent Revit Technology Conference (RTC), which has been held in Australia for the last six years and will be making its way to the US as well next year. The conference is a unique, independent “for users, by users” event covering BIM and workflows centered around Autodesk Revit. It is focused on training and the exchange of ideas, and has established its reputation as having the best presenters, sourced worldwide, and the best content.


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  1. I was reading the article about the recent Revit Technology Conference (RTC), and are you really telling me that there was no mention of IFC? Are Revit users not working with anyone outside the Revit box? Is all collaboration done the AutoCAD way or no way? It seems a very different approach from the focus on open collaboration in the previous article (

    But the article is good and it is interesting to see the evolution in BIM.


  2. Thanks for the question, Haraldur. The conference is focussed on BIM workflows based around Revit – and this most certainly includes IFC. Many of the sessions relate to Revit use in tandem with other applications – both Autodesk and non-Autodesk, including Bentley’s Projectwise, i-model and Generative Components, Google SketchUp, 3DS Max, Navisworks, Robot, ETABS and RAM, Piranesi, Ecotect and LCADesign. The Conference’s scope would certainly include products such as Vico, I-Two, Tekla, CostX, and anything that shares data with a BIM. Personally I’d like to see ArchiCAD and Catia/Digital Project gain some coverage, but it all depends on the papers that are submitted for inclusion in the conference, and that can change dramatically from year to year, according to what people are actually using in industry.

    By contrast AutoCAD and other CAD applications are only mentioned in passing, as this conference tends to include a leadership group of users who have long-since moved on from CAD based collaboration to more sophisticated BIM centred tools. While Autodesk are a generous sponsor, they are not involved at all in the selection of conference sessions, and as the above list demonstrates, much of the conference explores non-Autodesk products.

    Both the Conference’s committee, and I would presume, delegates, are supportive of BuildingSmart and the IFC file format, as we are supportive of national standards and industry moves towards IPD. The Industry Update session and a number of discussions covered this territory. It would, however, be true to say that many have concentrated their skills and content development efforts on a limited range of applications in order to be better at them. IFC may not necessarily be part of that picture, and Revit to Revit workflows clearly avoid many data interchange issues. IFC use can be expected to grow as project and collaboration needs demand it.


    Rodd Perey

  3. Thank you for the reply, Rodd. It is good to hear that IFC is not left out. I understand that Revit to Revit workflow does not need IFC for obvious reasons, but it will always need to collaborate with other applications and IFC is the BIM standard for data exchange. Even GSA (General Services Administration) has had IFC as a requirement for many years now.

    Best regards


  4. Is there any chance that those not able to attend the conference might be able to tap the expertise of those “users” “for users” so that their “independent” and “unique” insights might be shared?

    Thank you.

  5. At this stage no, but for those that do attend, handouts and presentations are available afterwards online. In 2011, RTC will have its inaugural North American conference – to be held at Hyatt Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, USA. Dates are June 23-25. More details available at

    Hope this helps – we want to bring this unique event to as many as we can!

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