Trelligence Affinity: Extending BIM to Space Programming and Planning

While a large number of competing solutions are available for conceptual 3D modeling as well as later phases of building design and construction, the area of space programming and planning in the AEC technology industry is dominated mainly by one solution: Affinity from Trelligence. Not only does it have architectural programming, space planning, and schematic design capabilities, it also integrates bi-directionally with BIM applications like Revit and ArchiCAD, allowing BIM to be extended to the pre-design phase of building projects. This article takes a detailed look at Trelligence Affinity and how it works.


2 thoughts on “Trelligence Affinity: Extending BIM to Space Programming and Planning

  1. Thanks for a great and insightful article as usual. I am very interested in the space programming and planning in relation to BIM usage and there are two programs that I wonder about, but do not have enough information about to comment. One is dRofus ( which has some track record in Norway at least and reads and writes IFC. The other is Onuma ( which also reads and writes IFC.
    I am wondering if you have any knowledge about them as far as space planing goes ?
    Thanks again for a good article.

  2. The first and best space planning application remains Cannon Design’s CodeBook. It ties much better into complex projects like hospitals and prisons where there is a lot of equipment and specific furniture arrangements that have to be accommodated in the brief. CodeBook starts with area planning (space data sheets) but also allows the linking of these items to specific AutoCad blocks or Revit families and is very good at reporting the variance. I have not used the newly developed Revit version yet but the AutoCAD one is fantastic.

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