BIM from Thirty Thousand Feet

In this Viewpoint article, Brian Lighthart, who is a project architect doing commercial and light industrial architectural projects and has been using BIM for several years, puts forth the proposition that no one really has a global perspective of the complex set of issues involved in BIM, despite it being a global revolution in design methods. But there ought to be a group dedicated to taking an overall view, and be doing something big with that view.

4 thoughts on “BIM from Thirty Thousand Feet

  1. My hat off for an excellent and insightful article. I might not agree to all, but many great points there.
    Thanks !

  2. Very interesting article. It’s nice to see the other side of BIM!
    We have to encourage other people to question now and then where are we heading….sometimes we get lost in innovations for the sake of innovations!
    Like Haraldur, I might not agree to some of your points.

  3. I agree with Mr. Lighthart. Much has been done by people like Deke Smith, Alan Edgar, Steve Hagan, Martin Fischer, and others, but much more can be done! The DoD is doing their part to try to benchmark a minimum BIM after establishing the baseline minimum BIM in 2006 in the USACE BIM Road Map which was also a datapoint for the NBIMS in 2007. This decade will require a big picture view to achieve the most success industry-wide. Thanks for the viewpoints, Brian!

    Air Force BIM:

  4. Thank you all for your most solicitous comments. I encourage further exposition of the points of disagreement either here, or by direct email at the address below the article.

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