Nemetschek’s Scia Engineer

This review takes a detailed look at the capabilities of Scia Engineer, a structural design tool that includes both sophisticated modeling and advanced analysis capabilities in one application, in contrast to other structural tools that only do either modeling or analysis. Well established in Europe, the application has many other advantages including a modern interface that allows for fast and easy modeling, the ability to create as well as analyze complex freeform geometry, support for a wide range of structures and materials, optimization and auto-design capabilities, bidirectional links to other structural tools, and IFC support.


One thought on “Nemetschek’s Scia Engineer

  1. As a structural engineer, I am very pleased by this article. Most of the reviews in AECbytes and other BIM journals, in my opinion, are more on architectural related programmes than structural ones. For this structural program, as Lachmi said, “It is certainly worthwhile for structural engineering firms to look into Scia Engineer, as it includes both modeling and analysis capabilities in contrast to other structural BIM applications which are focused primarily on modeling and require the analysis to be done using other tools.”

    As a lecturer at the University, it is very important to show these relationships of the programmes to the upcoming architects/Engineers/construction managers. Combining designing and analysis is a very important element in choosing a programme to be used by a firm. This has to go hand to hand with the documentation which is linked with the model!

    Excellent article! I wish ArchiCAD could have an add-on of this capability…after all, it has all except the analysis part, think about it!

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