BIM and the Cloud:The Economics of Private Cloud Computing

This article by Chris France, former CIO of Little Diversified Architectural Consulting and President of Advance2000, addresses firm owners, principals, or “C”-level executives that are responsible for providing a robust technology infrastructure to keep their firm competitive. The economics of traditional IT are contrasted with the economics of private cloud computing, showing how the IT spend for the latter approach is significantly smaller. The article also provides information about private cloud providers serving the AEC industry and answers several key questions related to cloud computing in AEC.


4 thoughts on “BIM and the Cloud:The Economics of Private Cloud Computing

  1. Wow! That is an eye opener.

    This kind of information should be discussed more and more for the benefit of all and especially decision makers of private/ public firms.

    The idea will be even better for universities where we require bigger crunching power of HPGW and need to reduce the costs of maintaining IT.

    Thank you for a very informative article

  2. Hi Chris,

    Much of the cloud information and advice I received recently, and your idea is very useful to me.
    I intended to build a BIM cloud in inland China shortly and this concept is vey helpful to me.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Hello All:

    Allow me to brief you all for a moment. I have been doing IT consulting for years and we have been virtualizing applications for as long as I can remember. Thin clients would provide the bridge to the server that would host the application. Thru Microsoft you can many options: VDI, App- V, VMM , RDS and of course the famouse shared workstation RDP.
    VMWare is the kind of Virtualization, in my opinion, and there are many strong solutions for hosting Revit BIM.

    If you want to stay with Microsoft : VDI
    If you would like VMWare: VMWare View
    If you would like Novell: Zenworks

    All of these are great.

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