Revit Architecture 2012

This review takes a detailed look at the enhancements in the latest release of Revit Architecture, including its support for point clouds to facilitate modeling of renovation and retrofit projects, the ability to divide a building element into parts reflecting how that element will be constructed, the ability to group elements into assemblies and create sheets of the different assembly views, improved worksharing display that uses color-coding to provide greater visibility into element ownership and status, and several additional improvements to its visualization, user interface, DWG export, and dimensions capabilities.


2 thoughts on “Revit Architecture 2012

  1. I currently work at a major “alphabet soup” A/E firm.

    I just read your article reviewing Revit 2012. It seems fair for the most part. Autodesk is improving the product. I have three insights to offer on Revit:

    1) File size is still a big problem. I do not know if “reconciled” is the term I would use. Perhaps defeated. Which leads me to point #2

    2) The lack of top to bottom multi-core processor support is still a problem. The model’s performance greatly suffers. We lose time and money because of this issue.

    3) Revit server continues to be a disaster. We are going to try Revit Server 2012. To date, it can only be classified as a failure.

    We also have seats of ArchiCAD 14 in my office. ArchiCAD’s model performance and BIM Server technology is helping those project teams actually work with this product much more easily. If Revit’s multi-core processor and server issues are not addressed in a comprehensive way very soon, I am concerned about Revit’s long term viability.

    Thank you as always for your coverage.

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