Debunking the Myths About BIM in the “Cloud”

In this Viewpoint article, Viktor Várkonyi, CEO of Graphisoft, discusses the fundamentals of cloud computing, including the four different approaches to it popularized by different companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple, and then turns to specifically discuss BIM implementation in the cloud. He debunks the notion in the AEC industry that BIM already has or will very soon have fully moved to the cloud, and discusses the two main factors that should be taken into account when cloud computing for BIM is being considered.


2 thoughts on “Debunking the Myths About BIM in the “Cloud”

  1. Thank you, Victor. Now I know why the over-hype alarm bell in my head has been ringing, and I can turn it off. I can accept the notion of The Cloud for what it is with a much clearer picture of its limitations with respect to BIM.

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