BIM for Facilities Management

This article looks at the current status and future outlook of the application of BIM in the field of FM (facilities management), including the BIM integrated modules of leading BIM applications such as FM:Interact of FM:Systems, which includes BIM integration with Autodesk Revit, ArchiFM for Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD, and Bentley Facilities. It also looks at two other vendors that are developing different technological solutions and services for facilities management and lifecycle management: Onuma Systems and EcoDomus.


4 thoughts on “BIM for Facilities Management

  1. I read the newest article from AECbytes and it states that ArchiFM only supports till AC14. Does that mean it sort of stopped developing after that? I’m very concerned about the future potential of ArchiFM, so please clarify.

  2. An interesting peak at some of what is available. Artra looks a bit like EcoDomus and has been around in this market for 8 years. We introduced Mitch (from EcoDomus) to this idea in 2009 and he did his initial presentations to the GSA and NASA with Artra.

    Artra IS available “off the shelf” and does not require a consultancy role.

  3. Sky, we are keeping up with every new release of ArchiCAD. Today, we offer ArchiFM 14 along with an ArchiCAD 15 ‘bridge’ working with ArchiCAD 15 32bit version (ArchiCAD 15 32bit version can be installed on 32bit Windows only). ArchiFM 15 working with ArchiCAD 15 64bit will become available in 2011 Q4.

    Hope this helps. Best regards,

    Andras Szigeti, vintoCON

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