iPad Apps for AEC: Project Management and Construction

This article is focused on iPad apps that are available for project management and construction in the AEC industry, including the Vela Systems app for field management, Bentley’s iPad apps for its ProjectWise and Navigator applications, Autodesk’s Buzzsaw and Bluestreak apps, Newforma’s new Mobile Punch List app that has just been announced, and additional construction-specific apps including Onsite:AEC and SafetyNet.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/buildingthefuture/2011/iPadApps-Const.html

4 thoughts on “iPad Apps for AEC: Project Management and Construction

  1. Please tell me the AEC market is developing apps for the Android tablets. I have no intention of buying into the Apple marketing machine by purchasing one of their iPads that will be obsolete in six months time.

    I’m sure there are others in the industry that prefer Android devices and quite frankly I’m surprised the AEC software vendors have done very little, if anything at all, for development in the Linux community either. Linux offers a far more robust OS than Apple or Windows, is more stable than both and can run with far less overhead then either of the competitor OS’s.

  2. There is also a newcomer for the iPad world, but in parallel with that already matured as being available for years on Windows Mobile market. OrthoGraph focuses on building surveying, not competing but extending the desktop CAD systems with the on-site part of the work. It provides continuous graphical feedback on the measures, easy to use sketch-and-measure data entry, and also the missing measurements are clearly displayed on the spot. Its native ArchiCAD connectivity generates 3D building models from the measured data. DWG export is soon to come.

  3. This article was an interesting read, particularly as this is an area we have had much success in. That is part of my beef with the article. Why is there so much focus on the iPad especially when we consider Google’s recent purchase of Motorola mobile? Back in 2004, we were using an HP tablet on projects in the UK, with a 4D model doing snagging and reporting damaged pieces as well as a progress reporting link to MS Project. There are also numerous users in the UK who developed similar software for the technology available then, including Artra who use a pseudo tablet designed for industrial use (but you could run their software on any tablet). We even did it on a Blackberry on a project in Toronto called Minto Gardens back in 2003 when the “app” word didn’t even exist. (The fact that we were working down the road from Rogers Wireless helped, as they were the first real Blackberry converts.) My point is that none of this is new, just the hardware and operating systems have changed slightly (no stylus, just a finger), so shouldn’t we be focusing more on the process changes that are occurring and making more noise about how the industry is waking up to doing things better through the technology?

  4. My first qutieson is: Can we share an Archicad file in a cloud today? Be it Amazon, Google or Apple? I have a project on which I need to share the workload with someone, and I don’t want to set up a server at my home office. In fact, I can’t because I can’t get a static IP address. Thanks, Mark

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