Solibri Model Checker v7

This review looks at the recently released version 7 of Solibri Model Checker, a model-checking tool that allows BIM models to be checked for potential problems, conflicts, or design code violations, with additional capabilities for visualization, walkthrough, interference detection, and model comparison. The enhancements in the new release include significant updates to its already user-friendly interface, new capabilities for the BIM QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) process and workflow, as well as improvements in processing power and performance.


5 thoughts on “Solibri Model Checker v7

  1. Since this software is used largely in Europe and Scandinavian countries, I wonder if it would be possible to report on how it is being used there. To use such a powerful application primarily for clash detection seems like a waste when it could be used for design analysis.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I fully agree with your comment.
    For you and others who want to read more about projects where Quality Assurance and Quality Control has been extensively used, here are a few links for information:

  3. It’s possible that an application like Solibri Model Checker continues to remain ahead of its times …

    I have found that trying something new is easier than trying to implement something different, which you already have a “reasonable” process for. In the case of Solibri, it is 50% different and 50% new. The problem is that folks have already spent thousands of dollars on sofware and learning hours on similar software. Change is tough, even more so when you need to drag your whole team along with you as is required for spatial coordination. I am enthusiatic about jumping to Solibri someday. However, I’m locked into a long term project using other software (which I have lots of gripes about).

  4. Thanks for the post. I’m currently part of a firm that is relatively new to BIM (this is the first year of exclusively using BIM)and was wondering whether or not you would advise a firm so early in it’s BIM development to use a product like this. I think the potential of a product like this is great, just curious as to how effective it would be at this point. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your question. I would advise firms like yours to get further along on your BIM implementation. Only then you can appreciate and gainfully use the power and sophistication of a product like Solibri Model Checker.


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