Graphisoft’s New White Paper on BIM

A couple of weeks ago, Graphisoft, developer of ArchiCAD, released a new white paper called “Get There Faster with ArchiCAD,” which attempts to identify the most important criteria that architects should be looking at when selecting which BIM tools they should work with, as well as clarify the advantages of ArchiCAD over other BIM tools. While Revit is not specifically mentioned, it is obviously the main target of the white paper, being the leading BIM competitor to ArchiCAD. This AECbytes newsletter summarizes the content of the white paper, and analyzes it in the context of the current BIM adoption in the AEC industry.


2 thoughts on “Graphisoft’s New White Paper on BIM

  1. I for one have given up on Archicad and I am just hanging on to VWs- also hoping they (Nem) deliver VW Structural. Couldn’t agree more with Design/Engineering optimisation. My choice is Maplesoft…integration would be nice…presentations are spectacular….

  2. BIM as a concept is fine. But as someone whose job it is to make money for the company I work for by actually using the product (not selling it, reviewing it, programming it, managing it, etc.), if Revit is the best thing going out there in BIM, then the AEC industry is about to flush itself down the toilet.

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