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This article by Chris France, the author of two previous AECbytes articles demystifying the “cloud” in AEC and how it can be useful for BIM, focuses on what firms are doing with this cloud as the technology and business processes have matured to better serve their clients. The AEC industry has been traditionally very fragmented when it comes to designing and constructing buildings. Many firms come together to produce a building, and once that project is complete, this unique team disbands to form another project team for the next building. This industry needs a mechanism enabling us to work together, in real-time, using our information systems with the same ease of a project team that works for the same firm and sitting in the same physical location. Fueled by the technology building blocks of a BIM cloud, it is now possible to build an AEC Collaboration Hub. This article will outline how firms could work in this Hub today, forming a building “supply chain” that could possibly be the future of our industry.


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  1. It’s really important that the architecture and construction industry climbs the ladder together with changing technology. My BIM experience of 7 years since college has changed my perspective, and now, I expect everyone around to follow me … but unfortunately, the existing Indian system keeps holding me and my team down. Hope AEC Collaration enters the Indian market as well. I really appreciate what AEC is doing around the globe.

    Thank You.

  2. As a follow up to this article, I have created a private LinkedIn group called “Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub”. If you are an employee of one of the firms in our private cloud, you are eligible to join. This group will be used by the firms in the cloud to connect with one another for best practices, innovation, and of course to collaborate with each other on projects.

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