Autodesk University 2012

This article on Autodesk University 2012, which was recently held in Las Vegas, captures the highlights of the general session keynote and the two innovation forums I was able to attend, along with technology news relevant to the AEC industry news that was shared at the event. This includes an overview of the new Autodesk FormIt iPad app, which enables conceptual 3D modeling on the iPad, and more details about the cloud-based applications grouped together under the Autodesk 360 initiative.


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  1. Lachmi,

    I enjoyed this article, I was unable to attend AU this year and I was curious as to what content there was relative to BIM for FM?

    Thank you kindly,


  2. I appreciate the unbiased review: filter “hype.” Some of us have lost respect for Autodesk due to all their acquisitions & roll-outs of new products that aren’t really ready for prime time.

  3. DesignScript is only available for AutoCAD and not for Revit which makes it a different kind of product compared to Bentley’s GenerativeComponents, which is built on top of a BIM application. Since the acquisition of Revit, it seems that Autodesk’s intentions with Revit is to target the the brick colonial home architect, which explains why there hasn’t been any initiatives to make the product more suitable for non-rectilinear buildings.

  4. Hi Rick,

    I attended the Design Script workshop that Robert Aish taught. This tool has the ability to model a lot of types and shapes of buildings. Unfortunately, all the geometry has to be created within the code at this point (can’t use existing geometry like GrassHopper yet). The question was brought up concerning if/when Design Script will be available in Revit, from the conversation; it’s being developed first in AutoCAD but most likely be added to other Autodesk applications once ready. I agree that if it doesn’t work in Revit it will not be easy or make sense for users to replace GrassHopper with Design Script at this point. GrassHopper still has a lot of abilities I have not seen in Design Script yet. The GUI in GrassHopper compared to coding is also a big factor.

  5. You don’t have to wait for DesignScript to be added to Revit.

    There is a visual programming interface similar to Rhino Grasshopper called Dynamo that works with Revit and Vasari.

    And Grasshopper users can use this app from CASE to import their GH definition results into Revit:

    There will be a workshop at TEX-FAB 4.0 that goes over this workflow.

    It’s the number 5 Workflow Rigging workshop.

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