AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2012

This article provides an overview of the software solutions related to the building industry that I saw in the Exhibit Hall at this year’s Autodesk University. These include new solutions such as REVIZTO, BIM C.A.V.E. from Assemble Systems, Content Studio, Oasys MassMotion, dRofus, and YouBIM, as well as updates from established products such as CodeBook, IES Simulex, Solibri Model Checker, and Ideate BIMLink.


One thought on “AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2012

  1. Just as I’ve come to expect from AECbytes, this an excellent survey and time/money saver. I don’t have to attend AU yet still get a clear sense of the event and referrals to hardware and software to check out.


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